BBC iPlayer can run on browser, Roku device, android, iOS, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In short, accessibility won’t be an issue with BBC iPlayer. Apart from this, BBC iPlayer’s fast and quality streaming service makes it even more desirable.

Get the best out of BBC iPlayer and fix issues with our really helpful support site Where is the BBC iplayer on PS3 — Digital Spy This new iPlayer service is easy for PS3 users as they will be able to stream the BBC content through a link on the PSN. Whilst it uses the word link it says "on the PSN", I suppose it's possible the Video store, that will definitely be used for streaming OR downloading movies, could also be linked to the iPlayer … Solved: BBC Iplayer not working on my BDP S480 blu ray - Sony

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Then they went over to Infinity as I did and AT THE SAME TIME BBC iplayer stopped working even though the speed had increased dramatically. As an aside my samsung iplayer app also did not work until samsung reworked the smart TV interface and both iPlayer and Lovefilm now work fine. DSiPlayer refuses to work on a 3DS | - The

For about the past 2 months BBC's Iplayer has steadfastly refused to work properly on my Sony devices (PS3 and BDP-S370) but has worked well enough on all others such as my PC or my son's Wii. I have contacted the BBC on more than one occasion to try to find out what is wrong and they're now claiming that Sony is to blame.

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