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Best app hider for android / iPhone. Download Calc Vault App. This great app is capable of securely hiding your videos and photographs and even features such as private browsers, screen lock, and some more. People need to recognize the intruders and use this software to … How to Hide Apps on Android or Iphone - Onhandtrick Apr 25, 2020 10 Best Apps To Hide Messages On Android in 2020 Mar 27, 2020

May 26, 2020 · The description of App Hider. App Hider is the best app for hiding other apps on GooglePlay, especially for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. App Hider is also an excellent app cloner for you to access multiple accounts from one device. More than that App Hider can hide photos and videos and hide App Hider itself by turn itself into a Calculator.

Best Android Apps to hide apps on your device

Jan 19, 2019 · Best App Hiders To Hide Applications Nova Launcher. While Nova Launcher isn’t primarily an app Hider, it does have the ability to hide apps from your home screen at your screen. This is the reason why we have listed it here as one of the Best App Hiders To Hide Applications on Android as most of us also use it as the number one launcher.

Hide All Traces of Your Apps & Pictures on Android Unlike some of the popular app lockers out there, a nifty app fittingly named App Hider completely erases apps, files, and their associated footprints from your smartphone. Think of App Hider as a micro-OS within your smartphone's system. This miniature ecosystem can operate copied apps independently, thus giving it an unprecedented layer of privacy and freedom within your handset. How to Hide Apps on any Android Device (6 Methods) Using Hide App – Hide Application Icon (Root Required) On the other hand, there are loads of different apps available on the Play Store, which promise to hide your app icons. You can always scan through it and see if there’s one you like. One such example is the Hide App – Hide Application Icon.