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SSL/TLS works by binding the identities of entities such as websites and companies to cryptographic key pairs via digital documents known as X.509 certificates.Each key pair consists of a private key and a public key.The private key is kept secure, and the public key can be widely distributed via a certificate.

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Feb 16, 2017 How to Create a Secure Login with SSL Certificate Anyone can secure certain valuables in a room and in a safe, but why not lock the front door? Lock down your business. Secure Login versus the Standard Login. Secure login will provide: A padlock icon; A Business Name in URL(if using the Highest End: SSL Certificate with EV) Security from the start (Protection from phishing, customer confidence) Missing Padlock © 2020 | Created by and courtesy of Northwoods Web Solutions | Contact UsNorthwoods Web Solutions | Contact Us How to See Encryption Type on HTTPS page in Microsoft Edge Is there a way to view the Encryption type used with a connection (TLS, SSL, 128bit, 168bit, 256bit, etc. etc.) in MS Edge when you get to an HTTPS page? In Internet Explorer, you could see this by right clicking on the page and select Properties, and you would see the encryption type.