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Dec 28, 2015 Internet censorship in South Korea - WikiMili, The Best Internet censorship in South Korea is similar to other developed countries but contains some unique elements such as the blocking of pro-North Korea websites, which led to it being categorized as "pervasive" in the conflict/security area by OpenNet Initiative.It is also one of the few developed countries that block pornography and material considered harmful to minors as they are illegal by law. Study: North Korea, China, and Russia top internet Jan 15, 2020 North Korea: On the net in world's most secretive nation Dec 10, 2012

The censorship status in North Korea only grants a few thousand of its citizens (which is an approximate of 4% of the total population) internet access. These few thousands, though granted with internet access, is still under heavy censorship with a figure of around 300 major website based search words being blocked as stated in the JoongAng Daily.

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Sep 10, 2019 What You Need to Know about Internet Censorship in Iran Partial or total internet blocking is becoming a regrettably common government response to protests or political upheaval, but the tactics used and the extent of the shutdowns vary. Here’s what the recent crackdown in Iran can tell us about the regime’s approach to internet censorship and what comes next. Censorship of Facebook - Wikipedia Algorithmic censorship. Online censorship by Facebook of algorithmic forms raises concerns including the surveillance of all instant communications and the use of machine learning systems with the potential for errors and biases. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO and majority shareholder, published a memo on censorship. Tens of thousands of Korean Internet users have been disconnected from the Internet after not three, but one strike. [32] On September 6, 2011, the Electronic Frontier Foundation criticized the Korea Communications Standards Commission for proposing censorship and restriction on the blog of an Internet free speech activist, Dr. Gyeong-sin Park.