A phone’s metadata describes key facts about an individual data file such as phone call, photograph, text, etc. We collect this information for you to support your case. With this data you might reveal habits, activities, and interests.

Here’s how phone metadata can reveal your affairs Aug 27, 2013 Device metadata | Android zero-touch enrollment | Google Mar 06, 2019 What is Phone Metadata? A Surveillance and Marketing Dream Ocasionally I get off the topic of finance. This happens most often with politics. Bear with me today. Let’s explore something new. A German politician sued his cell phone company in 2009 to have his cell phone metadata, like that collected by the NSA and marketers alike, released to him. That information has since been made public, and documented on a German newspaper. Amazon.com: Metadata (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge

1/07/2015 · phone metadata can only be queried under “reasonable, articulable suspicion that the selection term [an individual, account or device] is associated with an approved international terrorist

Jun 08, 2018

Metadata for phone calls includes: - Phone number of people you called or send SMS messages to - Time and date of calls and SMS - Duration of calls - The location of the nearest cell tower when

Just how much personal information does phone metadata May 29, 2014 NSA Spent Over $100 Million Collecting Nearly Useless Mar 02, 2020