Micro VPN functionality does not require a device-wide VPN, which can compromise security on untrusted mobile devices. As a result, the internal network is not exposed to malware or attacks that could infect the entire corporate system. Corporate mobile apps and personal mobile apps are able to coexist on one device.

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XenMobile Micro-VPN implements secure tunneling on the application level, rather than the device level, allowing for more flexible and granular access control. The Micro-VPN administers mobile

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Micro-VPN brings the remote access capabil- ities of the market leading NetScaler Gateway to mobile devices via apps integrated with the XenMobile SDK. It is an on-demand application VPN connection that is initiated by Secure Hub on mobile devices to access corporate network sites or resources. FAQ: XenMobile Per App VPN - Citrix.com With the iOS per app-VPN feature, you can leverage the VPN profile in conjunction with the Citrix VPN app on a XenMobile-managed iOS device. There, you can establish an on-demand VPN tunnel to the enterprise network for a desired set of applications installed on the device. Time to Rethink Mobile Security | CIO