Ping Bytes Sent = Ping Packet Size + Ping Header Packet Size (28 bytes) Ping Example 10. Timeout -w. Ping -w option specifies the deadline to terminate the ping output. This specifies the total number of seconds the ping command should send packets to the remote host.

Jan 09, 2013 · Greetings, you need to search your applications and notification settings that allow for an audible notification tone when an event occurs such as a text, email, update, posting, etc.. Check your phone for activity when you hear the ping noise to see what set it off. You can change the type of alert or just have visual or vibrate for most events. Make that call to someone special at the same time every day or week. Back up the computer every month. Renew your yearly insurance. Note: I have no affiliation with this app developer or Citrus Apps. I know of the app because I used it in high school to notify me one minute before the bell rang so I wouldn't be caught by the bell. It is a free product with many capabilities including; Bandwidth Monitoring, Network Scanning Utilities and SNMP Monitoring among others. The Ping Monitor tool is called Netwatch. Once a host is added to Netwatch an alert can be triggered for the following events; Host has not responded for at least X minutes Notify me when host starts responding Then I saw that ping spike happening at every exact minute (updating every 1 sec). I monitored the pings for a bit, including pinging my router, finding that these ping spikes happened between the pc and the router as well. Jul 08, 2006 · Hi, I'm wanting to ping an IP address for long period of time and log the results in a test file. I've got some programs but nothing quite like I want. I obviously need the response time and if packets were received 100% or not but I also want the time and date of the ping too.

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Ping every 20 seconds - AutoIt General Help and Support Oct 04, 2004 This is the windows command I use to ping a specific IP at a specified interval (10 seconds in this example): ping -t -w 10000 -t says ping continuously.-w says wait this long before next ping. Here's a 1 minute wait example: ping -t -w 60000 Enjoy, and Good Luck!! Every 5-6 secs I have a ping increase of about 2000-3000ms. I found also an solution, many tries later. First I tried disabling Windows Updates uploading to other PC, or disabling One Drive, nothing worked. Finally I came across a thread there someone suggested disabling Wlanautoconfig with this command: Ping spikes on Wi-Fi every 10 seconds. – Solved. Few days ago, after moving my home PC to another place, I bumped into a situation, where the cable connection is no longer an option and the only way to get Internet was Wi-Fi.